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Although it was first planted with wine grapes in the 1800's, Lake Chelan has only more recently been recognized as a commercial winemaking hub. This, combined with a relatively low planted acreage means every Chelan vineyard has a critical role to play in bringing distinctive wines to the global market. 

While it has historically been known primarily for producing apples, pears and stone-fruit, Chelan's natural climate and soil is uniquely suited to viticulture. As a consequence of the glaciers that formed Lake Chelan, the surrounding soil is made up of coarse sandy sediment with notable amounts of quartz and mica. These elements imbue Chelan grapes with a distinctive texture, unique mineral content, and high nutrient profile. Our close proximity to the lake gives the region a milder climate than surrounding areas, and provides an extended growing season compared to the Columbia Valley at large.



With five planted acres stretching across two plots, Larc Hill is well on its way to securing a position among its peers as a significant producer of premium grapes in the Lake Chelan region. Our main plot, known as Block 34, is planted with Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Orange Moscato and Malbec. While Block 34 offers a wide range of varietals; our secondary plot, Block 37, is planted exclusively with Cabernet Sauvignon and geared towards larger-scale production.

Our first harvest in fall of 2018 was an important milestone that we look forward to sharing with wine-lovers everywhere. Inquire further for more information about our latest planting, next harvest and ways to share in the bounty.


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