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 “wine is but sunlight, held together by water” 

Elijah Larson Photography


Wine is more than a drink; it's a way to slow down and appreciate the senses. Unlike any other beverage, wine has brought people together across millennia to debate, to discuss, and to contemplate. LARC HILL VINEYARD RANCH is our way of expanding on this timeless tradition. Our venue is a place where one can leave behind the distractions of daily life and get lost in the subtleties of the moment. Here, one can appreciate a friend in a new light and greet a stranger like the old friend they might become. 
At LARC HILL VINEYARD RANCH, we are committed to providing a world-class venue that inspires passion in our guests. Specializing in events both public and private, from concerts to weddings to wine tastings, there is always something interesting happening at LARC HILL. Located on the south shore of Lake Chelan, LARC HILL is proud to join and grow Chelan's agricultural legacy. From planting to harvest, our team has dedicated themselves to creating a vineyard venue that inspires all. We continue to strive to share in our vision of a thriving Chelan cultural community.


Our journey began in 2015 with the purchase of 11 acres on a hillside of the south shore of Lake Chelan. In spring of the 2016, we planted 1.5 acres of Syrah and 1 acre of Pinot Noir and subsequently, this parcel became known as Larc Hill Vineyard Block 34.  We subsequently planted 0.75 acres of Chardonnay, Orange Moscato and Malbec, which saw their first harvest in 2019.


Starting in 2016, we began to re-imagine the site, beginning with a complete remodel of the existing orchard house. Working closely with Domain Design Architects, we broke ground on a new structure that would embody the spirit of Chelan's agricultural roots while embracing the clean lines and openness of modern agricultural architecture. Known as the LARC HILL VINEYARD BARN, this iconic building now houses both our wine production and event facilities. In the spring of 2017, LARC HILL acquired an additional 5 acres, known as Block 37, where we planted 1.5 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon. Our first harvest in the fall of 2018 coincided with the completion of the LARC HILL VINEYARD BARN, and marked an important milestone in achieving our vision.


We celebrated another milestone in 2022 with the Grand Opening of the LARC HILL tasting room. We currently offer a selection of wines and are continually growing our craft to produce something for any occasion; whether it is a toast at a wedding, a cool glass of Rosé on a hot summer afternoon, or a smooth-red to pair with your marbled ribeye.  We are proud to bring the unique aspects of the Lake Chelan terroir to your glass.  

LARC HILL estate strives to continue to leave its mark on the growing local culture of Chelan. Our beautiful grounds offer an unrivaled backdrop for any of the countless local events Chelan has to offer, including wine festivals, holiday events, business conferences and community celebrations. Additionally, LARC HILL is proud to offer our stunning venue for private events such as weddings, corporate parties, or family celebrations.


At Larc Hill, community is everything.  A well-rooted sense of cooperation is what has allowed the region to grow so rapidly as a viticulture hub and gain worldwide recognition. The Larc Hill vineyard project was designed to expand upon this sense of community while welcoming visitors from around the country. By consulting with local designers, vintners and craftsmen, we have created a venue that we believe truly embodies the unique spirit of our beautiful lakeside community. Larc Hill is a place where relationships blossom and lifelong memories take root. We welcome every guest like an old friend, with the hope that they will return for years to come.


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